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Planning and Markets is devoted to the study of planned interventions versus market approaches. Our Editorial Board welcomes contributions on both sides of this issue.

Dramatic advances in communications technologies have speeded up information exchange almost everywhere. A notable exception has been the exchange of ideas in planning, social sciences and related fields. Planning and Markets is a fully-refereed international journal that is entirely electronic.


Volume 5, Issue 1, September 2002


Editor's Introduction

Unplanned Telecom Corridor Markets: The Marketization Of Fiber Optic Easements By Deregulated Network Industries
by Wayne C. Lusvardi and Charles B. Warren

Homesteading City Streets: An Exercise In Managerial Theory
by Walter Block, Loyola University New Orleans

The Fiscal Impacts of Rural Residential Development: An Econometric Analysis Of The Cost Of Community Services
by Roger H. Coupal, Donald M. McLeod, and David T. Taylor, University of Wyoming

Information Structures Exploration As Planning For A Unitary Organization
by Shih-Kung Lai, National Taipei University

Market-Oriented Land-Use Planning: A Conceptual Note
by Hans Lind, Royal Institute of Technology

 Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics


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