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List Of Abbreviations/Acronyms

ADB - Asian Development Bank
AiW - Alice in Wonderland
BCR - Benefit Cost Ratio
BTM - Benefits Transfer Method
BV - Bequest Value
CAC - Command and Control
CBA - Cost benefit Analysis
CEA - Cost Effective Analysis
CV - Contingency Valuation
DCF - Discounted Cash Flow
DUV - Direct Use Value
EA - Environment assessment
EIA - Environmental Impact assessment
EIRR- Economic Internal Rate of Return
ETP - Effluent Treatment Plants
EV - Existence Value
FIRR - Financial Internal Rate of Return
HP - Hedonic pricing
IRR - Internal Rate of Return
IUV - Indirect Use Value
MBIs Market based instruments
MINAS- Min acceptable standards
MDB- Multilateral Development Bank
MO - Multilateral Organisations
NGO - Non government organisation
NIE - New institutional economies
NIMBY- Not In My Back Yard
NPV - Net present value
OV - Option Value (including bequest value)
PA - Pollution Abatement
PFI - Private Finance Initiative
PV - Primary Value
QOV - Quasi Option Value
RAM - Rapid Analytical Method
SMBA - Social Marginal Benefit of Abatement
SMCA - Social Marginal Cost of Abatement
SPM - Stated Preference Methods
TCM - Travel Cost Method
TEV - Total Economic Value
TPP - Tradable Private Permits
TV - Total Environmental Value
WACC - Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WB - World Bank

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