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Planning and Markets is devoted to the study of planned interventions versus market approaches. Our Editorial Board welcomes contributions on both sides of this issue.

Dramatic advances in communications technologies have speeded up information exchange almost everywhere. A notable exception has been the exchange of ideas in planning, social sciences and related fields. Planning and Markets is a fully-refereed international journal that is entirely electronic.


Volume 4, Issue 1, September 2001


Editor's Introduction

Why Planning Vs. Markets Is An Oxymoron: Asking The Right Question
by E.R. Alexander, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Contractual Agreements And Neighbourhood Evolution
by Chris Webster, University of Wales, Cardiff

Environment Valuation, Project Appraisal And Political Consensus In The Third World
by Alister McFarquhar, Downing College, Cambridge

The Evolution Of A New Industrial District: The Automobile Industry In The American Southeast
by Stephan Weiler, Eric Thompson and Terutomo Ozawa

Constraining the Leviathan: An International Comparison Of The Effects Of People Empowerment on Local Government Size, Disposable Household Income And Local Development
by Peter Grubenmann, Asian University of Science and Technology, Thailand

Technology Vs. Land Use: Alternative Strategies to Reduce Auto-related Air Pollution
by Chang-Hee Christine Bae, University of Washington, Seattle

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