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Planning and Markets is devoted to the study of planned interventions versus market approaches. Our Editorial Board welcomes contributions on both sides of this issue.

Dramatic advances in communications technologies have speeded up information exchange almost everywhere. A notable exception has been the exchange of ideas in planning, social sciences and related fields. Planning and Markets is a fully-refereed international journal that is entirely electronic.


Volume 2, Issue 1, September 1999


Editor's Introduction

Incentive Compatible Planning and Budgeting of "Distributive" Federal Programs
by Edward H. Clarke, Senior Economist, U. S. Office of Management and Budget

The Cost and Benefits of Fragmented Metropolitan Governance and the New Regionalist Policies
by Alex Anas, Professor of Economics University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Market Provisions of Highways: Lessons from Costanera Norte
by John M. Cobin , Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile

A Cautionary Reply for Farmland Preservation
by Tom Daniels, Professor of Geography and Planning, University at Albany, State Universtiy of New York

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