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Submission Requirements

Submissions are invited to Planning and Markets, a new wholly-electronic journal devoted to comparing the merits of planned interventions and market solutions, and to evaluating one approach or the other as applied to a specific policy issue. Anyone doing timely and high quality research in these fields is encouraged to submit papers. Submissions should be original, unpublished in other media, and will be fully refereed via email.

Planning and Markets is devoted to the study of planned interventions vs. market approaches. Our Editorial Board welcomes contributions on both sides of this issue.

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Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, as an email attachment with illustrations and equations emebedded within the text. The technical details of electronic submissions are summarized below.

Publication Timeline

Our goal is to provide authors with a publication decision within 60 days and publication within 90 days of submission. When submitting manuscripts, authors should observe the following style guidelines (our aim is speed of publication; delays could be encountered if a cycle of edits are made necessary by style changes).

Requirements and Style Guide


When you are ready to submit, you may do so by e-mailing your manuscript (as an attachment, see notes above) to the Planning and Markets Editor.

    Planning and Markets
    University of Southern California
    School of Policy, Planning and Development
    331 Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall
    Los Angeles, California 90089-0626

Abstract Sumbission

Alternatively, You may also submit your abstract (100 words or less) to the Editorial Board for an initial review and statement of interest by the editorial board prior to submitting your manuscript. Submit your abstract to following the same guidelines outlined above.

How to reference Planning & Markets

Moore, James E., Thomas A, Rubin and Shin Lee. 2000. "Market-Based Transportation Alternatives For Los Angeles," Planning & Markets <>, 3 (1): 31-35.


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